Dear internet users who starts new or not, Guru Accounting helps everybody for think and choose a email service good to themself. We searched and collect all information about world's biggest email services and proudly showing to you. In this global world, everyone must be online which include having an email account. Bills, work applications, everything you imagine become online and sending with mails. Depend on a research over 250 million emails are sending daily all around the world. These email services that we search and wrote articles about them, helps you to send and receive mails. You can receive your bills, send pictures to your family or co- workers. Only thing you need is internet connection and a device which connect to it.
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Hotmail ( Outlook ) is web and mobile based email service which provided by Microsoft. One of the world's first mail service which is founded in 1996 named as HoTMaiL. Hotmail is avaliable in 36 languages. The becoming as Outlook depends 2013. Hotmail has ability connect to Skype and other Microsoft services.

Hotmail Sign In

9 February 2017 0

This article will tell you how to create a free hotmail account.This is an extremely easy process. You only need to follow the steps below. […]


Gmail is one of free Google service which mostly using for Email. Gmail has mobile and desktop interface and it is very helpful for users. Gmail has started as beta version on 2004 and it released as full version on 2009. Google Mail is supportin 15 GB storage, and sending files max 25 MB. With Google Mail account users can login to all Google features like Google Play Store, Youtube.

Gmail Sign In

14 March 2017 0

GMail is an e-mail service that allows you to send e-mails over the Internet. Users from many parts of the world are using this service. […]


Yahoo is also known as Yahoo! Mail. American based mail service which created by two friends in 1997. Mostly known as Mail and a search engine which have users all around the world. Yahoo has an Ajax interface and Drag-Drop system so it is preparing a easy user panel. Yahoo has over 500 million users nowadays.

Yahoo Mail Sign In

16 March 2017 0

Mailing is a practical way to communicate today. For this reason, many e-mail services have emerged. Yahoo Mail is one of them. It has risen […]