Block Emails from Unwanted People in Gmail

EMail is an important communication tool. It is fast and reliable. You do not pay any fees while sending mail. We use email frequently in business and in daily life. It is as dangerous as it is useful. It needs to be used with caution. Internet fraud is common in recent times. You can block untrusted users to protect it.
You may also be bored of constantly coming promotional offers. Major companies, brands, language schools, holiday companies may be sending promotional mail to you via a mailing list. You can easily exit these lists. If this is not enough, blocking the sender is a good way. If you block a sender, it will not be possible to send you
an email anymore. It is easy to do, you will need to follow the steps below.

How to Block Emails from Unwanted People in Gmail
First open your web browser. You must be connected internet to do this. Go to the Gmail Homepage.
You can use the following link for it : Login using your email address and password.
Open the mail you want to block. You’ll see the options at the top.

Choose to move spam. Carry unwanted mail spam.  After that the same user will drop you in the mail spam box when you mail. If you want to receive mail from this user again, go to your mail homepage. You will see the gear wheel icon on the top right.

Select settings. Settings page will be opened. You will see Filters and Blocked Addresses at the top of the page click on it.

You can remove the obstacle of the user. You can notify if your incoming mail contains a fraud. So you can prevent other people from being hurt.  Open the mail you want to report. You will see the option to report as spam at the top of the mail.

You can report from here.

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