Change Gmail Password

The most important thing to note when creating a Gmail account is to create a strong password. If your ciphers are not strong enough, your account can be captured. You may be exposed to internet fraud. To avoid such adverse situations, do not create an easily guessable password. It will be useful to use numbers and symbols
in the password and do not share your password with anyone. If several people are using the device you are accessing internet be sure to sign out of your account every time. It is also a good security measure to defeat your password at certain intervals. If you want to change your password you will need to follow the instructions below.
How to Change Your Gmail Password
First open your web browser and go to the gmail homepage. Login using your email address and password.
When you reach the page you will see the gear icon on the top right.

Click there. Click Settings on the drop-down link. You will see different categories
in the drop-down page such as General, Labels, Accounts and Import Filters, Forwarding and POP / IMAP, Chat, Labs, Offline, Themes.

Click on Accounts and Import. At the top you will see the Change account settings section.

Click Change password. You will be redirected to a new page.
You will be asked to re-enter your password.

Then enter the new password you created. Confirm password. Your new password will be created.


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