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Outlook allows you to send emails quickly and freely. Many people use it in business or daily life. The use of outlook is extremely simple. You may want to delete your outlook account for some reason. If you do not know how to do this, keep reading. You know it before you delete the account : This is a non-irreversible process. Once you delete your account, everything in that account will be deleted.You may have difficulty reaching out to the applications you use in connection with your account.Think well before deleting your account for these reasons. Back up your important files, you will not be able to reach them again. We can look at how to delete your account after this information.

How To Delete Your Outlook Account
The first step is to open your computer and connect to a web browser like Google Chrome or Internet Explorer. Then go to the outlook homepage. You can also simply use this link :
Login with your e-mail address and your password correctly.

You will see the options section in the top right corner of the page.

After that you will see the mail tab on the left.

Under the Account section, click the connected account section. Click on the account you want to delete. Click remove after. Click on yes to confirm that you want to delete this file.
Another way to delete an account is to click the delete account link below
Confirm your deletion request after.
Your account will be deleted after this process.

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