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Hotmail is one of the oldest and most established mail services. Daytime popularity has increased. Today, many users use Hotmail everywhere. Mailing with Hotmail is fast and convenient. Hotmail is secure, your information is protected with care. Not only e-mail, online chat feature also offers. Your computer does not have to be open all the time to use Hotmail. Access to hotmail is also available from mobile devices. This is a feature that makes sending mail very practical. In just a few minutes it’s enough to download the application to the mobile device. Compatible for both IOS and Android devices. You can personalize hotmail. You can add your picture to your profile, so you can easily recognize the people you send mail. You can add signatures to your mails. You can create a custom theme
yourself. Spam mails are blocked automatically. You can also block mail yourself from an unwanted user. Hotmail has many useful features like this. If you still do not have a hotmail account, you should definitely create one
If you do not know how to account, this article can be a helpful.
Hotmail Sign Up Guide
First, open your web browser from a vehicle with an internet connection. Go to the Hotmail homepage. You can use the following link for this:

On the opening page Click on No account? Create one! link. Account creation form will be opened. You must fill every space in this form correctly.

Enter first and last name. Create a unique username that can be a bit tricky. Create a strong password.The password must contain at least eight characters. Numbers letters and symbols makes the password stronger. Select your region. Choose your date of birth and gender. Enter your phone number. This step is very important. If you have a problem with your password, your phone number can solve the problem with the sent code.

Enter verification code. Click Create account later.
Your account will be created. Now you can send mail with hotmail.

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