How to Set Up Hotmail on Android and iOS

Hotmail is an email service that we need to access at any time. Only the computer may not be enough for this.
It is also possible to access mail from devices such as phone tablets. So everywhere you are you can reach your mails.
You must download the Email application from your device. It is simple to do, you can easily do so by following the instructions below.
The description for both android and iOS devices is below.
Set Up Email in the Outlook App for Android
First you need to download Outlook for Android from the Google Play Store. You can use this link for this:…
Then open Outlook for Android.Go to Settings, select Add Account.
Then add your e-mail account. Enter your email account password. Touch the Sign in button. Touch to allow Outlook access. You can now use Outlook.
Set Up Email in the Outlook App for İOS
If you want to set up an email account on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch, follow these steps. Your device must have a mail application.
You can use this link for this:…/microsoft-outlook-e…/id951937596…
If you do not have it, first download a mail application. Then open the app and go to settings. Then go to the accounts and add the account.
Enter your email address and your password. You can access your mail from here now.


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