How to Setup Canned Replies Automatically in Hotmail

Canned Replies can be used for times when you can not answer your mail. Maybe you are having a technical problem related to your business or you may not be able to answer your mails as long as you are on holiday. Can be used to be notified of those who email you on weekends or outside work hours.
You can create Canned Replies to notify people trying to reach you in such cases. Using this feature of hotmail will make your work easier and give you a more professional look.  It is extremely easy to do. It will suffice to follow the instructions below.

First go to the Hotmail homepage. Login using your email address and your password. Click the gear icon in the top right corner. Click on options in the drop-down section.

You’ll see options in the left column.

Click automatic replies. Check the button next to send automatic replies.

Then select the time zone you want auto-replies to go to. Choose whether
the automatic message will only be sent to people on your list or anyone who sends you mail. Type your message, you can format it with the tools above.
Then click the save at the top of the page. That is all. Now your messages will be automatically sent in the time zone you choose.

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