Outlook Recovery

If you forget your Outlook password, there is a way to access your account again. Microsoft has developed a system for this. So you do not have to worry, you can easily access your account again by following the steps below. If you do not remember your password, try not to enter wrong passwords. As a security measure your account can be limited access.You may experience difficulties in this case. There are two different options for resetting outlook account passwords. You can choose to reset your password or forget your password.

Both will be redirected to the same connection.

You can recover your account with the information you provided when you signed up.
Verification of Profile Information
This is an easy way to reset the password. It is important for you to remember the information you use while signing up. Outlook will ask you to enter this information. This can be a secret answer.Your account will be easily recovered when you enter it.
Account Recovery with Alternative Email Address
You should have specified an alternate address for this during account creation. If you did this click on ‘Send password reset instructions to me in email’ section.
Choose which e-mail address you want to link to. Wait for the mail to arrive account recovery. You can create a new account password by clicking the link in the mail.

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