Delete Yahoo Mail Account

Yahoo Mail is a popular way to communicate quickly and reliably. It is enough to create only one Yahoo Mail account to send mail. After that you can enter your mail account and send as many emails as you want, it’s completely free. Yahoo Mail is safe, it is extremely difficult to steal someone else’s account.
Spam messages are easily blocked. If you have a concern about security, you can easily delete your account or it is possible to delete your Yahoo Mail account  if it is no longer functional to you. Make sure you really want it to delete your Yahoo Mail account. This is a non-irreversible process. If you are using applications connected to your mail account, you may no longer be able to access applications once you have deleted your mail account.
Your mails may contain important information or files, make sure you save them somewhere else.
How To Delete Your Yahoo Mail Account
Go to the Terminating your Yahoo! Account page. You can use the following link for this :
Enter your account name and password.

Terminating Yahoo! Account page will be open.


Read the instructions on the page carefully. If these are not appropriate for you, you can stop wiping your account. Enter your passport verification area at the bottom of the page. Enter the security code after. Click Yes in the Terminate this account section.
Your account will be deleted. After that, you will no longer be able to access your account information and your username can be retrieved by someone else.

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