How To Add Email Signature In Yahoo Mail

Today e-mail is an important communication tool. You can communicate quickly and securely with your friends, business partners, family members via e-mail. Yahoo Mail is an increasingly popular mail service in recent years. It is free to send mail via Yahoo Mail and also offers online chatting. In addition to this, there are many useful extensions. It allows you to access information on finance, weather, news, games, music, etc.
The use of Yahoo Mail is also easy and personalizable. One way to personalize your mail box is to add a signature. You can use a citation, political opinion, contact information as your signature. You can design your signature font and in a variety of colors, it’s up to you. Creating signatures is easy for you in many ways. If you want to do this and you do not know how to do it, this article will be useful for you. It is simple to do, just follow the instructions below.
First open your web browser. Go to the Yahoo Mail homepage. Log in using your e-mail address and password. In the upper right corner you will see a gear wheel icon click on it.  Select settings from the section to be opened.

The Settings page will open. On the left you will see the Accounts section, click on it.

You will then see the account you are logged in to, click on it.

The page with the settings related to your account will be opened. Scroll down the page. You will see the signature section.

Check the box to Append a signature to the emails you send. Enter here the message you want to be your signature. Click on save at the bottom of the page after you finish typing. The signature you create will be automatically placed under the mails you send.

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