How to Block Emails from Unwanted People in Yahoo Mail

Yahoo Mail is an email service that is often used around the world. Easy and free way to communicate in business and private life. Once you open your Yahoo Mail account, you can also take advantage of Yahoo services such as finance, game, online chat, weather. So it is extremely useful. Yahoo Mail gives top priority to security. Carefully keep your account information. Today, many companies, shopping centers, brands, language schools, social responsibility projects, social networks, business networks, create mailing lists. So the mails reach many people at the same time. This is a nice promotional opportunity. But sometimes these mails are disturbing. If you are uncomfortable with this, you can check out the mail list, if this is not enough, you can block the sender.
You can also block any user you do not want to receive mail from. For this you don’t have to download a custom application or pay any fees. It’s a very simple process. You just need to follow the steps below.
Step-by-step Guide
First open your computer and web browser. Go to the Yahoo Mail homepage. You can easily click on this link for this :
Log in using your user address and password. You will see the gear wheel icon on the top right corner of the page click on it.

Select settings from the dropdown. On the Settings page you will see options in the left column.

Viewing email, Writing email, Accounts etc. Click Blocked Addresses at the bottom. The Blocked Addresses
page will be opened.

In the Add an address field, enter the address you want to block. Then click the block button. Do this every time you block more than one
address. Blocked addresses no longer sent you an email.

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