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Yahoo Mail is a free e-mail service that is easy to use. You can also access many yahoo applications when you create a mail account. Some of them chat, finsans, games, news, weather etc. Many users in different parts of the world use this mail service.
If you want to use yahoo mail this article can be a guide for you. Signing up to Yahoo Mail is easy and you can complete it in a few steps.
How to Sign up for Yahoo Mail
First open your computer, go to the Yahoo Mail Homepage, you will need an internet connection to do this. You can use the following link to easily access the Yahoo Mail Page.  At the bottom of the page that opens you will see the link ” Do not have an account? Sign up ” Click there.

Mail registration form will be opened.

First fill in first name and last name. Create an e-mail address after, you can use your own email address, for this click ” I’d rather use my own email address” link. Create a strong password it is useful to combine numbers, numbers and symbols. Enter your birthday. You can enter the gender after this is an optional. After filling in all the forms are complete, click continue.
If you made a mistake in a section, your mail account will not be created. Fix the incorrect section and continue. Your mail account will be created.

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